Weekend Getaway

For those westerners who work in China, Yangshuo is a ideal place for weekend getaway.

Comparing with other counties, Yangshuo is a small county, wherever you stay in Yangshuo town, you can cycle to countryside within ten minutes, to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the green world to relax yourself.

For hotels, we recommend Imperial City Hotel to stay in. The hotel is located at the beginning of West Street and facing Li River.At night you can hang out late in the West Street or go to bars. And it is very safe and convenient to go back to Imperial City Hotel, just several minutes on foot. And the hotel is facing Li River, sitting on the balcony of your room, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Li River and Karst Hills.

For the activities, we recommend you to do Yulong River Bamboo Rafting , sitting on the rafts, enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside: fresh air, cool and clean water, rice fields, rural villages ... .

You can go swimming in Li and other rivers in most time of the year from April to October, which is warn enough for swimming and the river water is very clean, suitable for swimming.

A newly_built road area is a very good route for sightseeing. It winds through mountains with some villages on both side's area. It is a ideal place to go if you are interested in the mountain views and authentic life of rural villages. Andafter going 12 kilometers along this road, youarrive at the Seven Peaks Plantation, where you will have chances to learn about the tea bushes growing, tea leaves producing: plucking, sorting out, drying, frying and rolling and otherChinese teaculture.