Warm Friendly Service

At WinWin Travels, we offer some Warm, personal and friendly service to our clients:

  1. Umbrellas (for rainy days).
  2. Bamboo Hats (for sunny days).
  3. Gloves, ear muffs and special Chinese winter mouth masks to keep you warm (for cold days).
  4. Toys or gifts for kids.
  5. Life jackets for kids.
    Life jackets of Adults' size not Kids' size are available during Li River Cruising and Yulong River Bamboo Rafting by the river companies.
    We offer life jackets of kids' size to our children clients so that they can have more suitable and cleaner life jackets.
  6. Drink Water. We offer each client one bottle of water when picking up at the airport.
  7. Cell Phone, we offer each group the loan of a cell phone which allows you to make cheap local rate calls while in the area.
  8. Chinese Language Help:
    Some sentences you can talk with the local people.
    Some Chinese notes you can use for taking taxi, bus or train, looking for hotel, or shopping and so on.
  9. Calling help: if you travel in China and you need translation help urgently, please call us at 132 3783 1840 ( Gary ); or 136 3514 1841 ( Sophia ).
  10. We will try our best to translate between you and the people you wish to talk to.