Tea Tour in Yangshuo

Atea tour in Yangshuo is a best way to explore Chinese tea culture.
To takea tea tour in Yagshuo, you can:
1, Visit Seven Peaks Tea Plantation, which is12 kilometers away from Yangshuo Town, to see how the tea bushes are grown and how the tea leaves are produced, such as: fertilizing, trimming; plucking, sorting out, drying, frying, and packing. And of course tasting tea.
The area from Yangshuo town to the tea plantation is mountainous and beautiful. You canalso enjoy the beautiful mountains views, rice fields, kumquatorchards and fresh air; and explore the rural villages and the villagers' life during the way to the tea plantation.
2, If you like, you can also visit the tea house in Yangshuo town totaste the different kinds of tea: Green tea, black tea, flower tea ... . And to see the exquisite tea wares, such as: teacups, teapots, tea_trays, tea_tables. They are either from metal, pottery, porcelain, wood or bamboos.
There are more than ten tea houses in Yangshuo, among them, Goofy Tea House is one of the best.
Guofu Tea House is located in Huashan Road, It takes about 15 minutes on foot from West Street tothe tea houses.Guofu tea house are availablewith all kinds of tea: green tea, black tea, flower tea such as: Tieguanyin, Pu'er tea, Rose tea; and lots of tea wares. Hans( Mr. Huang ), the owner of Guofu tea house is from Fujian province, the east of China, where it is famous with tea especially the tea of Tieguanyin. Hans can speak English and he is kind and generous. So when you go to the tea house, they can always enjoy the tea in friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
And in Guofu tea house, you can see lots of unique tea wares made from the natural materials. Theexquisite red wood wares, pottery tea cups and pots are always the favorites with tea lovers.
3, To experience the tea arts ( Cha Dao ): how to brew tea, how to taste tea and how to judge the tea.
And to visit the tea plantation, you will have a good chance to learn about:
The Conditions of the Tea Growth
The growth of tea requires proper climatic and soil conditions.
1, In climate, tea bush grows well where it is warm and humid. The temperature must not drop down below -5 C. The rainfall must exceed 1 000 mm on ayear.
2, As for the soil conditions, the PH value should be range between 4.5 and 6. That is to say the soil should be acidic.
3, Normally, the land where the tea bush isgrown has to be well drained, somost of tea bushes are grown in hilly or mountainous areas.
Tea Classification.
In general, tea can be classified as five major categories: green tea, black tea, wulong tea ( half fermented ) , flower tea and brick tea.
Green tea is made by firing the tea leaves to dry them . It doesn't need fermentation. New buds and leaves of appropriate tea are used as raw materials.
Black tea is fermented tea.
Wulong tea is half_ fermented tea.
Brick tea
Flower tea: In general, flower tea can be sub_divided into two sorts: one is a mixture of dried tea leaves and flowers: the other one is using the flowers alone as tea.
The Benefits of Drinking Tea.
Drinking tea can have lots of benefits such as:
1, Quench thirst,
2, Overcome fatigue。
3, Help digestion. Drink some tea after having the oily food and you will feel very comfortable.
4, Weight loss. Tea leaves contain some aromatic substances that can dissolve fat, so drinking tea especially drinking green tea can help lose weight.
5, Lower blood pressure
6, Boost immune system.
7, Prevent tooth decay, heart disease, cancer.
There are always two sides to one issue. Over drinking tea may result in stomach disorder or insomnia, especially the strong green tea.
Tips of Drinking Tea:
1, Drink and enjoy the tea while it is still hot.
2, Don't drink the overnight tea.
3, Don't drink too much strong tea. Those who are not used to tea shouldn't drink green tea before going to bed; otherwise they will find it hard to fall asleep.
4, Don't drink tea with medicine at the same time, for sometimes, they are incompatible with each other.
The Basic Steps of Brewing Loose Tea
1, Boil water.
2, Rinse the teacups with the first time_brewed tea.
3, Add the right mount of tea leaves in teapot.
4, Pour hot water over the tea leaves.Cover the teapot and leave to brewfor about one minute, then the tea is ready to pour to the teacups for drinking.
5, The tea leaves can be brewed about as to five times.
6, Between brews, leaving a little bit of water in the teapot for soaking the tea leaves so that it is easy to make the good tea when you brew again.
7, It depends on your taste for hoe long to infuse the tealeaves. A little longer, the tea will be a little stronger; while a little shorter, the tea will be a little lighter.