2013 Chinese New Year in Yangshuo

Spring Festival is China Lunar New Year. It is the most important Festival in China. Spring Festival is a festival for family reunion, almost of the people who living away return home for the family reunion. Spring Festival normally takes place between the late January and late February; the Spring Festival of 2013falls on February 10.
It is a long history for the Chinese people to celebrate Spring Festival, with numerous traditional activities. The best way to experience the original tradition is not go to the city but to the countryside, where lots of the folk activities of the Spring Festival are preserved, such as: spring cleaning, post couplets, stick door gods, hair-cut for the festival, year market... .
Our 2013 Chinese New Year Tour takes you to experience and enjoy the real and unspoiled original atmosphere of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Our destination is to the south of China: Yangshuo County GuilinCity. Over there the local people inherit the main traditions of Lunar New Year.

The itineraryof 2013 Chinese New Year Tour In Yangshuo:
February 8

Visit local market: Fuli Market. This day is market day of Fuli Town and it is the nearest market day to the Lunar New Year so it is busiest market day among the year.
See how the people sell and buy for preparing the Spring Festival. This is to experience the real life of Local people, not for shopping.
February 9
Visit the local villagers, experience the real countryside life and how they prepare for the Spring Festival.
This day is the Lunar New Year's Eve. Join the family to celebrate the festival---Guonian: post couplets, stick pictures of Door Gods, make dumplings and prepare food to respect to the ancestors: burn paper money and incense to ancestors, make and enjoy the reunion dinner, let off firecrackers and fireworks.
February 10
This day is the Spring Festival of 2011. Join the family to celebrate the festival, set off firecrackers and fireworks, give out red packets,
Cycle to and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Yulong River and Jinbao River.
Visit Big Banyan Tree, See Moon Hill, Camel Hill and Eagle Hill( not climb on the hills ).
See how the local people visiting friends and relatives, Experience local people ceremony and feast for new house. watch Dragon Dance.
Cycle back to Hotel.