Family with Adoptive Child Tour

Family with Adoptive Child Tour is especially made for these families who adopted Child or children from China, to better understand and experience the real Chinese culture and life, and to meet the local Chinese people and make friends with them.

Most of the adopted Chinese children are from the rural area not the cities. Yangshuo is a rural county. Great changes are taking place in the big cities in China, while in the rural area, like Yangshuo, the Old Traditions are preserved quite well.

To come to Yangshuo for holiday or a visit, the adopted children will have a lot of chances to meet, play and make friends with the local people so that they can experience the real Chinese life and learn about the Chinese Traditions. To visit Shiwaitaoyuan in Yangshuo, the children can learn about some Chinese history, such as the stationeries, farming tools, paper making in the past time and so on.

We have three children and they speak fluent standard Chinese and Kejia Language; they can also speak English and a little of French and Spanish. We welcom and invite adoptive family visit our home so that the children can play together: play see-saw, play hide and seek, go to park, draw pictures, sing songs, speak Chinese and so on.