Honeymoon Vacation

It is a good idea that come to Yangshuo for Honeymoon Vocation.

For Recommendation, Li River Retreat is a good hotel to stay in for the couples. The hotel is in the countryside but only about two kilometres away from Yangshuo town, so it is both quiet and convenient. It is at the river side,surrounded by pomelo trees.

In the morning you can sit in front of the hotel,drinking the hot coffee, eating the Chinese or Western breakfast, enjoying the morning tranquility and the views of Li River and Karst hills.

In the late afternoon your can walk along the concrete road, which reaches to the hills. Or you can walk to the rice fields , vegetable fields, or the Li River banks, which is full of bamboos, to enjoy the two_person world.

For activities, we recommend the bamboo rafting along Yulong River or cruise Li River to enjoy the beautiful nature world and two_person world. It is absolutely a romantic time for the couples to explore the quiet countryside riding on thetandem bike

For souvenirs, in the West Street, there are some stands, where the painters sell T_shirts and paint the buyer's photos on the T_shirts. Normally, it costs 100 Yuan for two T_shirts and painting. So, don't forget to let the painter to paint your imagines together on the two T_shirts. You can also tailor a silver ring from the silver man's in West Street.