Traditional Chinese Food Cooking in Yangshuo

Are you interested in Chinese food or even in Chinese food cooking? Chinese food in China is quite different from that in the Chinese restaurants in Western countries, which are more westernized to meet the local food culture; while the Chinese food in China remains traditions, especially in the common families.

Normally, we invite our clients as our guests to our home for dinner so that they can not only enjoy the real home_made Chinese food, but also can learn how to cook Chinese food and cook by yourselves.
The common dishes which we cook are:
1, Steamed eggs; 2, fried eggs with tomatoes; 3, braised fish with beer ( beer fish ); 4, braised chicken with gingers; 5, fried duck with gingers, 6, fried beef with onions; 7, fried pork with tofu;
8, steamed pork with ginseng. 9,steamed fish with garlic; 10, dumplings.
For the ingredients, we balance the meats and vegetables , it is common that we cook meat withcurtain vegetable as a dish
In order to cook the food healthier, for cooking ways, we prefer sauteing, stewing, boiling and steaming to deep_fried, roasting. And sincethey arethe home_made food, so they are cooked in simple ways, which lets you not only can learn the cooking but also you can really cook when you return home.
As for the flavourings, we don't use much of them, less sugar, less salt, no MSG.
In Yangshuo, there are also some restaurants and schools to offer Chinese food cooking lessons. If you are also interested to take such kind of courses. We can arrange it for you.