Tips and Advice for Travelling to Yangshuo

1.In Summer it is very hot ( about 25C---30 C )and the Sunis strong, so sunscream, sunglasses and suncap should be prepaired.

2.In Winter it is cold ( about 0 C......10 C )and humid, so enough clothes should be prepaired. In Yangshuo big size clothes are available.

3.If you get wet in the rain especially in Spring or Winter, totake a hot water bath and have some hot teaas sooas possibleis a good way to avoid having a cold.

4.Drinkingenough water to avoid sunstroke. The local people take a kind of Chinese herbal medicine named " 藿香正气水,( huo xiang zheng qi shui )",It is effective, and available in drug stores.The local people take "藿香正气水" if they vomit or diarrhea because of sunstroke or unhygienic food.

5.The local people use a kind of Chinese medicine called "qing liang you, 清凉油" to wipe on the wound if they are bitten by mosquitoes. Qing liang you is available in the drug stores.

6.While renting bikes, don't forget to check the brakes and tyres, and ask for locks.

7.In China, people walk, cycle and drive on the right side along the road or path. It is very important to walk, cycle or drive slowly and carefully.

8.It is common to bargain, except in big supermaket and some shops with the sign of "谢绝还价,( xie jue huan jia )" , which means "no bargain" .

9.If you don't want to buy something , don't offer your price.

10.When someone follows you to persuade youto buy some thing , you can refuse him/her with this sentence: "谢谢, 我不要。( xie xie, wo bu yao )" which means " Thank you, I don't want it/them".

11.Taking good care of your belongs.especially when you are swimming in livers.

12.Telephone Numbers: topolicemen.

114.........calling for inquiring telephone numbers. alarm

120.........calling docters. forecast. transportaton accident.

12315......consumer complaints.

Have a happy travel!