Yangshuo Guilin Senior Tours

At WinWin Travels we have very good experience of doing senior traveller tours.
We treat our clients like our family, with respect and understanding - so whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with your group, you are one of the WinWin travels family!
Many of our visitors have become our friends and still keep in touch.Just listen to what our clients said:

"You are my Chinese family" from Alannah Rice, Sidney Australia.
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The Yangshuo Nature and Seasons
The landscape is beautiful, green hills, clear waters, blue sky, fresh air, pretty rocks and impressive caves. The mountain area is green all the year round with marvellous scenery. The countryside is quiet and peaceful.

In Yangshuo, you will enjoy a relaxing vacation. Yangshuo is a small county with not much traffic and less pollution. It is not as crowded as in big cities. Yangshuo are green all the year round: trees, bamboos, flowers, rice and other crops. Most of the days, the sky is clear so that you can enjoy the sun shine.
You can have fresh vegetables and fruits every day. Yangshuo belongs to the sub tropic area so there are enough of rainfall and sunshine which benefits the plants to grow. The fruits come one after another all the year round: from bayberries loquats to plums, lychee, longan; from chestnuts, persimmons, mandarins to kumquats, pomeloes and so on.

Customized and Flexible Itinerary
To choose our senior tour, you will have a comfortable tour with our flexible itinerary and route. You choose what you like to do. You choose where to go. You choose when to set off. You choose where to have a break. You choose the pace enjoyable to you.

Just tell us where you want to go and what you want to do, and then we will customize a tour exclusively for you, with private itinerary, private tour guide and Private vehicle with experienced driver. Even when we carry on our plan, the itinerary and route can also be adjusted to meet your new demand.
We choose the activities and the routes which are suitable for our senior friends: safe, healthy, relaxing, pleasant, peaceful, not crowded, not polluted and not dangerous.

Reasonable Price and Best Service
Our price is not the lowest, but absolutely not the highest. Our price is reasonable and we try our utmost to offer our best service to you.

Safety and Health is our Number 1 Priority
We understand that safety, security and health is the most important to our clients, especially to senior clients. When we make the tour plan and carry on the plan of the tour, what we most concern is to make sure all of our clients are safe and healthy.

What WinWin travels' Senior Tour in Yangshuo Guilin can offer?

do Li River cruising to enjoy the beautiful landscape of river and hills; take bamboo rafting to enjoy relaxation; cycle tour to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful countryside; take a car to mountains enjoy the picturesque views; visit Dazhai or Pingan Rice Terrace, experience the great scenery of nature and man labour.

Experience the authentic Chinese rural villagers' life
Go to the countryside, visit rural villages, experience villagers' real life: work on the rice paddies or orchards, wash clothes by rivers... .
Go to local market on market days to see products local people buy or sell, activities local people do.

Experience local Chinese seniors' daily life and Chinese culture
Go to see morning life of the local seniors: dancing, doing Tai Chi, jogging and so on.
What do local seniors do in daily life: washing clothes by rivers, buy food from wet market, take grandchildren to schools, chatting, exercise, cooking? Come and learn about it. Everything is new, different, interesting.
Experience paper cutting, painting, drawing, calligraphy, musical instrument playing and so on. Lots of seniors love to do one or two of the activities as their hobbies.