Family Friendly Travel with WinWin

Yangshuo Guilin is a good place for parents to travel with kids. Children can get toenjoy,experience and get to know both nature, the history of China and the unique traditions of small ethnic groups.

Please come to winwin. We know how to do with family travels. We know how to take good care of the seniors and the kids, especially in the cold, hotor rainy days (please see the feedback about our family travels ).

Please send emails to tell us about your family travel idea and then we will customize a family travel for you: to create an itinerary to suit you through the emails between you and us. Your itinerary is flexible, even you are in Yangshuo Guilin here; early or late, fast or slow, all is up to you.

In the following, we will tell you whatFamily Travelwith WinWin in Yangshuo Guilin China means for us:

Yangshuo family travel is happy travel!
The kids will be very happy in Yangshuo,they are sure to enjoy biking through the green paddy fields, winding around the limestone hills and exploring the magical caves and quiet villages. They can also row the rafts by themselves, play in the air balloon on the water, ride on a camel, visit kung fu school, fly kites on oasis, watch the cormorants fishing, make dumplings by themselves, have a kung fu, drawing, calligraphy or paper cutting lesson.

Family Canoeing on the Li River

When they cruise Yulong River we can make a water fight with a water gun against the passengers on other rafts even if you don't know each other!
The kids will have a happy time when they are taking part in the above activities.

Yangshuo family travel is a green travel!
Yangshuo is not a city but a rural county, it is a ideal place for you and your kids to go back to nature and explore the kids' wonderful "green" activities.

Family in Fields Near Yangshuo

In Yangshuo, you can breathe fresh air, cruise the clean river, enjoy the green trees and bamboos, green rice fields and the green food such as the newly picked fruits and vegetables.
If you arrive in the right seasons you will have a chance to smell flowers such as magnolia in May and June, rice flowers in June, osmanthus lower in October; or you can pick fruits while they are ripe on the trees such as loquats on May, strawberry, bayberry on June, and so on.

Yangshuo family travel is a relaxing travel!
After a semester's hard working in school, a relaxing travel will ease the kids' pressure and good for the kids' physical and psychological health.

There are not tall buildings in Yangshuo, with ten minutes cycling or twenty minutes walking, you can go from the down town to the countryside. and some hotels are actually located in the countryside, which faces rivers and are surrounded by rice fields, trees or bamboos It is really relaxing to stay in these hotels or cycle in the tranquility countryside or to cruise rivers on a small bamboo raft or boat.

One of the relaxations that kids enjoy the most is leisurely cruising down the waters of the Yulong River. They will love this adventure, sitting on the bamboo rafts, surrounded by rice fields and the beautiful Chinese mountain scenery of limestone peaks, dotted with bamboos on both banks and watching every day country life, enjoy the raft going down the dams.

Yangshuo family travel is a broadening experience travel!
In Yangshuo, the kids can experience how the Snail hill, Moon Hill and Camel Crossing River Hill exactly look like. They can have a look at root carvings, water stones, big drawing fans. They will be interested in the traditions of Dong, Miao ,Yao or Zhuang people such as the embroiders, wooden house, folk dance, folk songs, wax printing, silver ware making. And they will know some history about China from the old farm tools such as: pestle, mortar, millstones, or from the ancient methods of paper making from bamboos or other plants.

Yangshuo family travel is a increasing knowledge travel!
To travel in Yangshuo can increase the kids knowledge. Going to the Big Banyan Tree to see how the aerial roots support the branch, and how the ancient irrigation worked with the water wheels. Going to the karst area to find out how the elegant peaks come from. Going to water cave to explore all kinds of stalactites, stalagmites and the exotic rocks, and learn about how the caves form, how the soft water can hollow out the solid limestone into the dissolved caves.

Visiting tea farm to see how the tea bushes are planted and fertilized, how the tea leaf buds are picked and sorted out, and how the tender tea leaves are made into tea by the process of withering, rolling, oxidation and heating.

Yangshuo family travel is a challenge travel!
Cycling in the countryside, hiking along the river banks, climbing Moon hill.
All the kids need is their good health and strong will! Especially in the rainy or hot days.
We and the parents encourage the kids to overcome the difficulties to go to the destination. Let the kids become strong and grow stronger by overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals!

Yangshuo family travel is a culture exchange travel!
English learners come to Yangshuo from all over China to learn English. They like to talk with foreign tourists. If your kids speak English or Chinese, we can arrange them to meet students or the local people. Let them have a chat with each other, chat whatever they like: language learning, hobbies, sports,traditions, cultures... . Maybe they will become friends? Maybe your kids will become very confident because they can "teach" others English?

Itinerary Example of Family Travel in Yangshuo:

Day 1:

  1. Visiting Yulong valley. discover the countryside and villages, take a bamboo raft, enjoy the landscape on the two banks, experience the raft going over the dams.
  2. Visiting Big Banyan Tree. discover the big aerial roots, row bamboo rafts by yourself, dress costumes for a picture, get to know some history form the farm tools.
  3. Climbing Moon Hill. encourage the kids reach the top of the hill.
  4. Exploring Water Cave, see the stalactites and stalagmites and learn about the forming of the dissolve cave.
  5. In the evening - see a show: Impression Liu Sanjie.

Day 2:

  1. Visit Lotus Park, see the sun rise, see the beautiful scenery of Li River in morning.
  2. Visit Yangshuo Park, see the morning life of the local people:
  3. Visit Yangshuo Food Market, see all kinds of local food sold in market.
  4. Visit Shangrila, experience the unique characteristics of the small ethnic groups and get to know the history of China from the old tools.
  5. Visit Tea Farm, get to know the tea bush planting and the proceeds of tea leaves making.
  6. Watch cormorants fishing, see how the cormorants fish and find out how the cormorants only catch but not eat the fish.

Day 3:

  1. Hiking to countryside: explore rural villages, three-part well, orchards, local agriculture, smell flowers or pick fruits of the season.

We look forward to seeing you and your family in Yangshuo Guilin China!