Yulong River Bamboo Rafting

Yulong River isthe biggest branch of the Li River in Yangshuo area, about five kilometres away from Yangshuo. There are beautiful limestone peaks, pretty bamboos, rice fields, quiet villages along the Yulong River Valley. It is really relaxed and calm to sit on a bamboo raft, which is slowly guideddown the riverby a local guide. The on-water-shops can offer you drinking water, beer, fried fish, corn-on-the-cob and so on. Water-fighting of spraying water on each other with pipes is really great fun. Now and then the sweet folk songs sang by the local people will fly into your ears. More than these you can also enjoy the sunshine and blue sky on the raft. A bamboo raft can hold two adults, and bikes can go on the back of the raft.

Bamboo Rafting on the Yulong River

The most common route is to ride bike to the river and up the river along the bank for about two or three kilometres, and then cross the river by a small bridge anddown the river along a plain and quiettrail between the river and hills, through the rice fields and orchard until Chaoyang Dock.

At Chaoyang Dockpeople can rent a bamboo raft and go downstream till Gongnong Dock, which is near the Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill, Water Cave, and the main road.

Besides the picturesque scenery of the valley, people can still experience the excitement of the raft going over the dams. There are ten dams in the river from Chaoyang Dock to Gongnong Dock, which used to be built by the farmers to keep the water high enough to irrigate the farming lands. It is really thrill when the raft goes down the dams, at that time you need to lift up your feet a little bit to avoid the water wet your feet and your shoes.

It is about two hours from Chaoyang Dock to Gongnong Dock by bamboo raft.

Yonglong River Valley is also a good place for taking pictures: the reflection of the hills, bamboos or trees in the river, peaceful villages, green or golden fields, cultivating farmers and so on. All of them are very good for pictures!