See the Amazing Moon Hill

Moon Hill is the symbol of Yangshuo, just like that Elephant Truck Hill is the symbol of Guilin

Moon Hill is a short bike ride from from Yangshuo (8 km). On the top of the hill is a cave , looking like a moon. The hill is 230 metres in relative height and 410metres in length. There are over 800 marble stairs leading to the cave.

During the way up to the top of Moon Hill, you can see different shapes of the cave:from newMoon, half Moon, full Moonto crescentMoon.The hill is covered by densetrees and bamboosso the air is very fresh. And in the sunny days, the trees and bamboos can give welcome shade from the Sun, which makes you feel cool while walking up the hill. From the summit there is a superb panorama of hills and fields: trees, bamboos, crops, rice fields, rivers, villages,roads... .

Moon Hillis oneof the most popularly visited sights in Yangshuo. Lots of Westerners likehiking onMoon Hill. or go rock climbing on Moon Hill. Hiking onMoon Hillis really a good exercise and sightseeing so it is really worth a visit.