Shopping, Eating and Going Out in West Street

Located in the center of YangshuoWest Street is full of restaurants, hotels, tea houses, cafes, bars, and other traditional shops. They sell all kinds of goods from antiques, clothes, shoes, linensto silk wares,from silver wares. bags, calligraphy works, paintings, to teas andlocal wines, and all kinds of souvenirs.chopsticks, to drawings. Most of the waiters and waitress who work in this street speak English, so there are no language barriers.

Normally, the visitors in Yangshuo will go to countryside or scenic spots in the daytime and spend time in West Street in the evening.If you fancy a good meal or just a night out after all the sight seeing it's the place to go.

West Street in Yangshuo

Many of the bars and restaurants in West Street are run by Westerners:The Alley Bar ( 边弄酒吧 ) run by Israeli; Lizard Longe ( 中国攀岩 ) run byAmerican; Buffalo Bar ( 牛头吧 ) run by Australian; Levotre Restaurent( 乐德法式餐厅 ) run by French; Hong Fu Place Hotel( 鸿福饭店 ) run by French; White Lion Hotel( 未来恩饭店 ) run by an American.

Tourists cruising the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, will land at Yangshuo Dock, which is near the East end of WestStreet. Then go along West Street, Shopping, Drinking, eating,or just relaxing,and then go back to their hotels or go to their buses.

West Street is located between Li River and Yangshuo Bus Station. It is about 800 metres long, lined with two or three - stories traditional buildings on both sides.