Shitou Cheng - the Amazing Stone Village

Shitou Cheng means Stone Town. Why do we call it Shitou Cheng? Because it was built of lots of stones, big and small: stone houses, stone trails, stone wells, stone walls. The gate of the wall is arch, it was made of stone bricks, but without mortar.

Shitou Cheng is 25 kilometres North of Yangshuo. It is about 10 square kilometres, building on the mountains of 400 metres high from the sea level. There are 4 big stone gates in 4 directions in the outside walls and 18 small stone gates in the inner wall of the town and two temples near the town. There are about 3 kilometres from the foot of the mountains to the top. The road winds it's way by the mountain sides.

Shitou Cheng near Yangshuo

The scenery even during the road from foot to top is really beautiful. Here you can also see the well_preserved rural villages, and the pure customs.

How old is the Shitou Cheng? Who built it? For what? Since there is lack of records, it is still a mystery.