Visit the Local Food Market

Yangshuo Food Market is near Yangshuo Park. To buy food, the local people go to the food market instead of the supermarket. This is very different from that in the Western countries.

The Yangshuo Food Market

There are all kinds of food in the market, such as:Fresh vegetables: cabbages, cucumbers, celery, mushrooms... . They may change according seasons.The fresh meats: pork and beef are in big pieces, which are available to be chopped into small pieces at your request, duck meat and chicken meet either in pieces or in the whole ones.The newly made food: water tofu, fried tofu. filled tofu, filled snails, pig feet, fish balls , meat balls.The dried food: bamboo roots, mushroom, fungus, soybeans, green beans, rice, flour.The livings: ducks, chickens, which you can spend two or three yuan to ask someone toslaughter it for you in the market. The fishes are sold either by pieces or by the hole one, which the seller will cut it for the customers.