Li River Kayaking

The part of Li River from Fuli Town to Puyi Town is good for kayaking. The water is clean and smooth, and this area is lessspoiledand not much tourism over there. Along the river on kayak, you will see the authentic rural China, peaceful villages, picturesque peaks, green bamboos, water buffaloes, ducks and so on.

Kayak on the Li River
It is about eleven kilometres from Fuli Town to Puyi Town, and Liugong Village is in the middle way.It takes about three hours from Fuli to Puyi on kayak.The equipments includes kayak, paddle and life-jacket.

The price is 200 Yuan per person, which includes the transportation from Yangshuo to Fuli and from Liugong or Puyi back to Yangshuo. Groups with more than six people can have a kayak guide without extra charge.