Yangshuo Weather and Climate - When to Visit

Yangshuo enjoys a subtropic climate, with plenty of rainfall, sunlight, and heat.
The weather in Yangshuo is not too hot in Summer with July and August mean temperature of 29 C, nor is it too cold in Winter with January mean temperature 9 C.
The average annual sunlight is 1444 hours, rainfall 1555 mm, and 333 days of frost free period.

When to Visit Yangshuo.
In January and February, the average temperatures are separately 8, 9 degrees. It is cold but it seldom snows. And it sometimes blows the North wind, due to the Siberian cold air masses. You will have chance to get the discount of the hotel price if you come to Yangshuo, Guilin in this period. and of course you will experience the biggest traditional festival: Spring Festival. As it normally falls at the end of January or the beginning of February. If you travel during the Spring Festival Transportation Days, it is a better idea to book the tickets in advance.

In March,the average temperature is 17 degree with the average rainfall of 137mm. March is the time of peach flowers. Gongcheng County, about one hour by bus from Yangshuo, hold Peach Flowers Festival every year since 2003.

From April to October, the weather is more stable and pleasant.

In April, the weather becomes from cool to warm. The average temperature of this month is 19 degree. The average rainfall is 248 mm with an average of 20 days' rain, but the rain is not heavy, kind of drizzle. So if you come to Yangshuo at this month you will have chance to enjoy the Li River in fogs.April is the harvest time of Summer oranges and the time of orange flowers, kumquat flowers, pomelo flowers. The price of hotels are still low since it is not high season yet.

In May and June, the weather are becoming better and better for traveling: not too hot with the separate temperatures 23, 27 degrees, and the separate average rainfall is 350 mm, 345mm. In these two months, it is hot and rainy, owing to warm and humid monsoon winds from seas

May is the harvest time of loquats, June the bayberries, plum and lychees. The price of the hotels will not be raised up untill the middle of July, when the Summer holiday begins.

July and August are considered peak season for tourism, when is the Summer Vacation for schools and universities and the price of the rooms are a little high than other time. The weather is hot with the average temperature of 29 and the separate rainfall of 233mm, 177mm. July is the harvest time of longans.

September and October are very good time for traveling. The average temperature of these two months are 26, 22 degrees, with the rainfall of 80 and 85 mm. From the data, we can see it is not too hot and it doesn't rain a lot, so it is perfect for tourism.
September is the right time to enjoy the osmanthus flowers, which can last about ten days and smells very good, although the flowers are small and yellow. In October, you can also have the chance to taste kumquats, persimmons and pomelos.
During the seven days of National Holidays ( first week of October ), Yanghuo, like most of the travel destinations, is the most crowded and busiest time. The price of the hotel will be as double as that in common days.

November and December are becoming colder and colder, drier and drier, due to the Siberian air Masses that move from the north, across the Mongolian Plateau to the south. The average temperature in November is 16 degree, December 11 degree; with the average rainfall in November of 60m, December 40 mm.It is not the high season of tourism so many hotels offer substantial discounts.
One benefit to come to Yangshuo in these months is that you can taste the fresh fruits such as kumquats, persimmons and pomeloes at a very low price, it is right the harvest time.