There and Back - How to get here!

Yangshuo is well connected and easy to get to.Below are some details that you will find useful when travelling Here.

Travelling byPlane:The nearest airport from Yangshuo is Guilin Airport. You can get a direct taxi from the Airport to Yangshuo (230 to 300 Yuan), or you can take the airport bus to Guilin city and get off at the stop near Guilin Train Station. At the train station square you can take a bus to Yangshuo for (15 Yuan).

Travelling byTrain:The nearest train station from Yangshuo is Guilin Train Station. At the train station square there is a bus every fifteen minutes go to Yangshuo.

Travelling byBus:From Guilin Bus Station (Next to Guilin Train Station) you can also take an express bus to Yangshuo( 15 Yuan ). Buses from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other cities in Guangdong Province to Guilin also pass through Yangshuo.

In Yangshuo, you can take bus to the little towns nearby, such as Gaotian, Xingping, Yangdi. Many tourists take bus to Yangdi and then hike along Li River banks. Lots of tourists take bus to Xingping and then rent a boat to cruise along Li Ri

Bike Rental:Bikes are available for hire everywhere in Yangshuo. It costs 10 to 30 Yuan per day, but during the National Day holiday ( 1st to 7th of October ) the price doubles. Baskets are available for you to install at the back of the bike for little children to sit on. Lots of tourists ride bikes to countryside and scenic spots, and this is the most relaxing and enjoyable way to experience the marvelous surroundings.

Taxis in Yangshuo:Besdes bikes, you can also rent a taxi to go to countryside or scenic spots. One taxi costs about 300 Yuan per day. The price will charge a little according to how far you go and the market situation.