Eating out in Yangshuo

Eating out in Yangshuo is easy. There are lots of restaurants in Yangshuo town and in the countryside near the scenic spots, which mainly offer Chinese food, and the Chinese food here is delicious - but quite different from the chinese food offered in other countries.
In Yangshuo Town, many restaurants are concentrated in Diecui Road (die cui lu 叠翠路) such as Chendajie Beerfish (chen da jie pi jiu yu陈大姐啤酒鱼), Tangdajie Beerfish (tang da jie pi jiu yu 唐大姐啤酒鱼), Huang Jinlian Beerfish (huang jin lian pi jiu yu黄金莲啤酒鱼).

There are dining halls in most of the hotels, such as New West Hotel ( xin xi jie jiu dian 新西街酒店), Regency Hotel (li jing jiu dian 丽景酒店), Tangrenjie Hotel (tang ren jie jiu dian 唐人街酒店), Green Lotus Hotel (bi lian jiang jing jiu dian 碧莲江景酒店). Good food are offered there and the surroundings are graceful.

There are also lots of snack-bars all over Yangshuo, which offer clean and tasty food. The food is as cheap as 4 to 10 Yuan for each person each meal, such as fresh noodles, rice noodles, dumplings, porridge, fried rice with egg or fast food.

Western food usually is mainly found in the bars, cafes and restaurants in or near West Street, such as The Alley Bar ( bian nong jiu ba 边弄酒吧 ), Buffelo Bar (niu tou ba 牛头吧 ), Levotre Restaurent ( le de fa shi can ting 乐德法式餐厅), Hong Fu Place Hotel(hong fu fan dian 鸿福饭店), Meiyou Cafe( mei you fan dian 没有饭店 ), Cloud 9 (ju fu lou 聚福楼), Cafe China (yuan shi ren 原始人), Drifters Cafe (lu xing zhe 旅行者). Someof these restaurants also offer Chinese food.