Volunteer English Teaching

If you would like to be a volunteer English teacher, we would be more thanhappy to arrange this for you at no charge. You can teach in the city of Yangshuo or in the rural villageschools where youmight be the fist volunteer and foreigner. Wherever you teach, you will be warmly welcome and respected by the students and teachers there, and get help from them.
If you need any help or information, we will try our best to help you. Just contact us, we believe: I amhelping myself while I am helping others.

Students learn English from primary schools. They can read and write in English, but most of them have a hard time with speaking, so your English teaching will help them a lot.

Food, Accomordation and Chinese Lessons

The schools offer free food and accomordation for the volunteer teachers. Normally, it is Chinese food and three meals a day. Free Chinese lessons can also be offered to the volunteer teachers if they'd like.

When to volunteer?

During the weekdays of Spring School Term or/and Winter School Term.

During the Weekends of Spring School Term or/and Winter School Term, because weekend English courses are very common in China.

During the Summer Vocation in Summer Vocation English Schools. Parents'd like to send the kids to learn Enlish very much.

Where to volunteer

For short term volunteer ( on weekends, several days or weeks), you can teach in Yangshuo, such as in Weekend English Training Centers, English Training Schools or Primary schools and Middle Schools.

For long term volunteer ( at least one month ), you can teach both in Yangshuo and other places.