Shopping for Souvenirs and Yangshuo Specialities

Yangshuo is a good place for shopping. In West Street, you can buy almost anything you need at good prices, such as antiques, clothes, shoes, linens, silkwares, silverwares. bags, calligraphies, paintings, teas, local wines and all kinds of souvenirs. The goods are generally goodquality and reasonable in price.

Yangshuo's West Street

Yangshuo Specialities:Osmanthus wine, osmanthus candy and persiman preserves are Yangshuo's specialities. There are lots of osmanthus trees and persiman trees in Yangshuo. Local people make osmanthus wine and osmanthus candy from the osmanthus flower, and dry persimans into persiman preserved by sunshine.

Osmanthus Wine

Yangshuo produces a great deal of pomeloes, oranges, kumquats and chestnuts in Autumn. In general, the prices of the first three fruits are 3 or 4 Yuan perjīn (500 grammes), and 5 to 7 Yuan for chestnuts.

In many shops, you can haggle over the price of what you want to buy, and sometimes you can buy at half or one third of the price asked for. If one reach a greetment on the price he should follow it. You can also bargin in may special local product shops and convenience stores ( tǔ tè chǎn chāo shì 土特产超市) but in the big supermarkets prices are fixed.

Bigger Supermarkets in Yangshuo include:

Nine Nine Supermarket (jiǔjiǔ chāoshì 九九超市) indié cuì Road,

Lele LaiSupermarket (lèlèlái chāoshí 乐乐来超市) indié cuì Road,

Wankelong Supermarket(wànkèlónɡ chāoshì 万客隆超市) in West Street.

You may be followed by some vendors who want to sell their goods. If you don't like the goods, you just need to say:" xièxie ,wǒ búyào 谢谢,我不要" in Chinese,which means "Thank you, but I don't want it". This is a very polite and usefull way to refuse the vendors.