Where to Stay in Yangshuo

In Yangshuo, there are many hotels, most of them in Yangshuo town. The prices of standard rooms range from 150 to 800 Yuan per night according to location and level. However in the high season, especially during Labour Day's holiday (1st to the 3th of May) and National Day's holiday (1st to 7th of October ) the price will double.

Image of West Street in Yangshuo from Google Maps

There are many hotels in the Fuqian Xiang, Fuqian Jie and Furong Road. This area is where the Yangshuo Government and Police Station locate, so it is very safe. It is near the Li River and West Street ( About 3 to 6 minutes on foot). And the hotels are nice, quiet and comfortable.

Some hotels are near the center of Yangshuo Town.It is convenient stay there, such as:

Magnolia Hotel

It is locate in Diecui Road, near West Street, Li Liver and Yangshuo Government, only three minutes on foot to one of them. So it is very safe and convenient to stay in this hotel.

Rose Wood Inn

Rose Wood Inn is located at the back of West Street, with many trees in front of it, so it is very cool in Summer. This is a good hotel for those who like to hang out lateat nightin the bars in West Street, as it is near it but not noisy.

There are also some luxury hotels in Yangshuo town. Standard room normally costs 200 to 1300 Yuan (or more) per night, such as:

Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel, at the entrance of West Street - a good location. three-star hotel.

New West Street Hotel is also a three-star hotel at a good location near the bus station.

Tangrenjie Hotel is a four-star hotel in Guanlian Road with river and mountain views.

Yangshuo Green Lotus Hotel is a five-star hotel in Guanlian Road. Most of the rooms of the hotel have a view of the Li River. it is a new hotel with luxirious facilities.Some hotels are located in the countryside with beautifull views, such as:

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat .

Yangshuo Moutain Retreat is located near the bank of beautiful Yulong River, eight kilometers away from Yangshuo Town. In general, it takes about thirty minutes from Yangshuo Townto Yangshuo Mountain Retreat by bicycle.With between Yulong River in front and limestone karst peaks behind, the hotel has a good surrounding with bambooes and rice fields around it. Sitting in the room or having breakfast in the front of the hotel, you can enjoy the bamboo rafts going along the river slowly, it is a pituresque langscape.